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Leasing Your Automation Equipment

Taking upfront costs out of the equation so your business can thrive.

AGVs offer an economical and safe way for distribution and production operations to increase throughput using automation rather than expanding other resources. Although the operational benefits and financial justifications are apparent, many distribution centers and warehousing facilities delay essential automation projects and capital expenditures. While they see the potential value in advancing operations through automation, many lack the capital or liquidity for the outlay.

Increasingly, companies are overcoming this barrier by choosing to lease AGVs. Lease financing is the ideal option for securing the capital needed to invest in automation equipment without taking away from present financial capabilities. By leasing, businesses can acquire the equipment necessary to grow and expand while conserving working capital.


One major benefit of leasing is that it allows companies to conserve capital and keep their bank lines intact. Automation equipment can cost millions of dollars. Rather than writing a hefty check, leasing allows the customer to use someone else’s capital for depreciating assets. By working with a leasing company instead of a bank for equipment financing, businesses can stabilize cash flow and preserve lines of credit for other operational needs, investments, or unforeseen expenditures.

Leasing also allows companies to overcome CAPEX restraints. Instead of dipping into their capital expenditure budget, leasing allows businesses to use the monthly payments they are spending as an operating expense.

Another significant benefit to leasing is the accelerated Return on Investment (ROI). Achieving a higher ROI is much faster when leasing as opposed to buying. When leasing, the customer avoids paying one large sum upfront for the equipment and instead makes smaller payments, typically lower than the profit they generate each month. Rather than waiting several months to a year down the road, which is the average when purchasing automation equipment, there is an immediate gain in efficiency and return on investment

Advantages of Leasing with Our Preferred Partner

Our preferred partner when it comes to leasing is First Financial Equipment Leasing. For over 20 years, First Financial Equipment Leasing has assisted companies across North America acquire the funding needed to grow and expand. We trust them to provide our customers with the best leasing options available.

Arguably the most significant advantage to using our pre-defined leasing program is that the end user can choose to differ payments until 30 days after the system is accepted! This is a unique feature of the AIM/First Financial Equipment Leasing relationship, and we have already done the groundwork for you. As the end user, you will have total control over the progress payments made from First Financial Equipment Leasing to AIM, as the program is set up not to release any funds unless authorized by the end user. And if the project changes mid-stream or some other unforeseen event happens, changing the terms, payments, or percentages mid-stream is no problem.

Another advantage is that leasing offers 100% financing with no cash outlay. All project costs can be bundled into one manageable payment – engineering, installation, training, maintenance packages, spare parts packages, upgrades, etc.

One last advantage worth mentioning. Leases are fully customizable to meet each customer's unique needs and budget. There is no one size fits all. Their competitive pricing and funding capabilities can help any company obtain the automation equipment needed to modernize facilities and maximize supply chain efficiencies

Upgrade to Automation Today

Automation has the power to dramatically improve manufacturing and warehouse efficiency, save money, and keep your team safe. If you are ready to take the first step to innovate your operations via automation, whether you are interested in buying or leasing, contact our National Sales Manager to learn more.

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