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Best for:

  • Non-palletized loads


Clamp AGVs are best for handling non-palletized materials and rolls. This type of AGV attachment uses a meticulously controlled clamp to pick up and place various load types. 

These AGVs feature state of the art laser guidance, and automatic battery charging utilizing “fast charge” battery technology. Vehicles are generally a tricycle configuration; however a quad drive package is available to allow travel in all directions. 


  • Capacities from less than #1,000 to #10,000 and above

  • Electro/hydraulic Single/Multi-stage Mast Configurations

  • Lift Height from Floor to 20'+

  • Travel Speeds from 300 fpm (Feet/Minute)

  • Laser Safety Bumpers for 360 degree Coverage

  • Continuous WIFI Communication

  • Meets ANSI/ITSDF B56.5 – 2019 safety requirements

  • Plug in Manual Control Unit

  • Operator Touch Screen HMI


  • All Electric Lift

  • Carton Clamp Attachment

  • Quad Travel Capability

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