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Best for:

  • Moving racks, shelves, frames, etc. 

  • Nonstandard loads 


Lift tables are ideal for transporting large loads that do not fit any other vehicle option. These vehicles are omnidirectional allowing them the flexibility to move in any direction. 

All vehicles feature state of the art laser guidance and automatic battery charging utilizing “fast charge” battery technology. 


  • Capacities 

  • Conveyor Elevations from 10" to 30" and above

  • Travel Speeds at 30-60 fpm (Feet/Minute)

  • Laser Safety Bumpers for 360 degree Coverage

  • Continuous WIFI Communication

  • Meets ANSI/ITSDF B56.5 – 2019 safety requirements

  • Plug in Manual Control Unit


In addition to a base line vehicle, customization is a norm, not an exception.

  • Multi-deck Configuration

  • Parasitic Drive

  • Quad Travel Capability

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