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The new EasyBot range by ASTI is robust as ever allowing for greater power and agility to achieve maximum competitiveness. The vehicles in the EasyBot range perform logistic transportation in an industrial environment in a fully automatic, agile and safe way. 

EasyBots are compact AGCs that are mainly used to convey loads by pulling carts. Specially designed for high-performance operations, they can be used for virtually any application. They also perform production functions on assembly lines and goods-to-person applications. 


  • Large load capacity (up to 1,200 kg./#2,645) and intensive use (3 shifts 24/7)

  • Uni and bi-directional 

  • Small in size, simple and extremely agile, highly maneuverable and adaptable to the environment 

  • Easy to integrate, ensuring great flexibility when organizing the industrial flows being automated

  • Quickly adapts to any changes in layout 

  • Connects through real-time communication and by monitoring every vehicle of each unit or system 

  • Ability to transport racks, pallets, and containers varying in weight and size


  • Dimensions: L 1700 mm./67 in. x W 520 mm./20 in.

  • Weight: 200 Kg./#440

  • Towing capacity: Versions: 800 kg./#1764. Max. 1200 kg./#2,645

  • Maximum Payload: N/A

  • Automatic movement: Unidirectional

  • Speed range: Version 800: From 150 to 830 mm./sec./30 fpm to 163 fpm. Version 1200: From 35 to 750 mm./sec/7 fpm to 148 fpm.

  • Turning radius (without trolley): 900 mm./35 in.

  • Manual Movement: Clutch system (integrated)/ Control Pad (optional)

  • Guidance / Navigation System: Magnetic (surface/buried)

  • Positioning System: RFid tags

  • Batteries: 24 V. Gel / Lead Acid

  • Recharge method: On-Board charger / External charger. Manual Battery interchange system On line charging system.


asti v2.jpg


Below you will find additional information about applications, load types, the elements that make up the projects, and how to put them into action. 


Best for:

  • Conveying loads by carrying carts and totes

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