AIM Fork AGV's

                 Laser Guided Outrigger Fork AGV
Fork AGV’s are available to handle a variety of load sizes with pickup/drop-offs to/from the floor and to/from elevations including conveyor and racks. Vehicle models include counterbalance and outrigger design and feature capacities to #10,000.

These AGV’s feature state of the art laser guidance, and automatic battery charging utilizing “fast charge” battery technology. Vehicles are generally a tricycle configuration; however a quad drive package is available to allow travel in all directions. Vehicle options and features include;

         Laser Guided Counterbalance Fork AGV

       Laser Guided Fork AGV with Single/Double Fork
  • Capacities at #1,000, #2,000, #4,000 adn #10,000
  • Electro/hydraulic Single/Multi-stage Mast Configurations
  • Lift Hieght from Floor to 18'
  • Travel Speeds from 300 fpm (Feet/Minute)
  • Laser Safety Bumbers for 360 degree Coverage
  • Continuous WIFI Communication
  • Meets ANSI B56.5 2012 Safety Standards
  • Plug in Manual Control Unit
  • Operator Touch Screen HMI

           Laser Guided Roll Handling Fork AGV
       Laser Guided Deep Lane Storage Fork AGV

Deep Lane Strorage
Deep Lane Storage is probably the most prevalent use of fork AGV’s in a warehousing operations. Fork vehicles will pick form the end of line, wrappers or palletizers and store these loads in the warehouse by placing like loads in a storage lane. Generally this lane will also be stacked 2-3 high depending on the material types. Retrievals will also be automatic by removing a load or stack of loads from a lane. Deep lane provides the most optimum use of the storage space.

  • All Electric Lift
  • Single/Double Fork Attachment
  • Carton Clamp Attachment
  • Quad Travel Capability
  • Top Clamp Attachment
  • Deep Lane Storage

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