MODEX 2014

MODEX Supply Chain Conference

America In Motion Inc. offers 30 years' experience in the design, build and implementation of automated guided vehicles and AGV systems to provide automated material handling solutions featuring AGV technology and other forms of factory automation. On display will be our truck loading vehicle featuring a laser guided AGV and our assembly tow vehicle.  Come see us at Booth 9128!


ATX 2014

Automation Technology Expo - South

On display will be our newest iBOT vehicle line featuring a laser guided AGV with quad directional travel capability. America In Motion can help intergrate robotic, automation, and assembly solutions with our vast experience. We are able to integrate our systems into systems already existing at a customer’s site. Smart solutions require good interactions between all the various pieces. Regardless of what is already there, we can interface and make an overall integrated solution with information available at a touch of a button!   Come see us at Booth 1419!


News Article - iBots by AIM

The new AIM iBOT Line (Intelligent Battery Operated Transporters) provides a flexible and cost effective platform to Tow, Carry or Convey your load. Our new “iBOT” line replaces conventional AGC’s while delivering industry leading standard features. Compare these standard features to other AGC Suppliers and see the iBOT difference.


iBot Series Fork LGV" AIM designed and built a fork style LGV for that will allow for a Robot Arm to beinstalled on the front of the LGV, while still having the ability to use the rear forks for automated pallet pickup."


NIST Contract Awarded

America In Motion received a Government contract to help The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) requirement for an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) System that must be able to send multiple splines in real-time to the vehicle. This will allow the vehicle to update the AGV route planner, and execute a new route in real time to avoid a collision with an obstacle.