AIM Unit Load AGV's

            Laser Guided Single Deck AGV
America In Motion takes the approach that a unit load design will always be based on the customer application. In order to minimize the engineering costs associated with these designs, we have developed a modular approach to mix and match the unit load characteristics to the capacities required. A unit load is generally a vehicle that will carry a load or multiple loads with either a lift deck or a powered conveyor to transfer the load. AIM unit loads are configurable as: Single Deck, Dual Conveyor End to End, and Dual Conveyor Side by Side
In addition to a base line vehicle,
customization is a norm, not an
  • Muilt-deck Configuration
  • Carton Clamp Attachment
  • Parasitic Drive
  • Quad Travel Capability

       Laser Guided Dual Covneyor Side by Side
In each of these cases the vehicle controls or “brains” is the same. Utilizing laser guidance in conjunction with a drive system configured for your load weight, the smart end of the vehicle is always the same regardless of the configuration or load size. This modular approach produces a cost effective means for vehicle production.

All vehicles feature state of the art laser guidance and automatic battery charging utilizing “fast charge” battery technology. Vehicles are generally a tricycle configuration with bi-directional travel capability. Other specialty vehicles include quad travel capability for travel in all directions.

                                 Top Clamp Assembly

The vehicle features options such as load clamps to secure an unstable load in transit.

       Laser Guided Dual Covneyor End to End
  • Capacities at #1,000- #6,000
  • Motor in Roller Design for Lighter Applications
  • Chain Drive Live Roller Conveyor for Heavier Applications
  • Conveyor Elevations from 12" to 30"
  • Travel Speeds at 30-60 fpm (Feet/Minute)
  • Laser Safety Bumbers for 360 degree Coverage
  • Continuous WIFI Communication
  • Meets ANSI B56.5 2012 Safety Standards
  • Plug in Manual Control Unit

                                   Parasitic Drive

Vehicle features a parasitic drive to engage and transfer loads from a static stationary conveyor. By using this drive arrangement stationary conveyers can be made passive with no drive and lower the overall costs of a project.

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