Tugger AGV's by AIM

Tugger AGV’s provide a flexible and cost effective platform to tow a series of trailers for bulk goods delivery. The Tow style is ideal for moving multiple pallets and trailers between production and warehousing, or warehousing to shipping, or even just transporting assembly platforms back to the assembly line start. With capacities to #40,000, tow vehicles operating 24 hours per day, provide a positive return on your investment dollar.

  • Travel Speed           Variable 0-300 fpm
  • Stopping Tolerance    +/-0.5"
  • Guidance Tolerance    +/-0.5"
  • Max Grade               2% with de-rated load
Guidance Sytem
  • Laser
  • Embedded Bar Magnet
  • Tape


(4) Different Models have gone thru rigorous design using Solid Works design automation software. Each model has a standard drive size and battery capacity to meet the most demanding environments.

                            Jaw Type Hitch

Tow Models
  • Tow 5      #6,000
  • Tow 10    #10,000
  • Tow 20    #20,000
  • Tow 40    #40,000

  • ANSI B 56.5 2012 Safety Compliant
  • Class 1 Laser Scanning Bumber 180/270/360 degree
  • Audiable Alarms - Self Adjusting
  • Illuminated Emergency Stop Push buttons
  • Visual Warning Lights
  • Vehicle Status Lights

Vehicle Drive Module
  • Travel Speed to 300 fpm
  • Adjustable Closed Loop
    Speed Control
    (Same regardless of
    load weight)
  • (2) 8" Diameter x 2.5" Wide
    Load Wheels
  • High Resolution Encoder
  • Fail Safe Electric Brake

                                    From Concept....

                                         ....to Reality!

Options Include
  • Capacities to #40,000
  • Auto Hitch/Unhitch Capabilities
  • Optional Guidance Systems
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