Industrial Truck Automation

Laser Guided Walkie Stacker Fork AGV
Walkie Stacker
Sometimes the best solution is using and old friend. America In Motion takes the approach that an industrial truck may provide the best vehicle type to automate. Using advanced laser guidance, industrial trucks can be automated to perform the same functionality as conventional AGV’s but with an added feature. By simply pulling down the vehicle tiller handle the truck is in manual mode and can be used as it was intended.

  Laser Guided Walkie Stacker Fork AGV

Double Load,Laser Guided Pallet Jack AGV

Horizontal Transportation
For applications that simply require horizontal transportation, this is a good fit vehicle. The operator would simply call for an AGV. When the vehicle arrives the local operator pulls the handle down and maneuvers the vehicle to load a pallet. The operator would then release the handle causing the vehicle to go into Auto mode. The operator would then enter a destination and the AGV would route to that station. Upon arriving the vehicle can be programmed to automatically drop the pallet or to wait for operator input to unload the pallet.

Single Load,Laser Guided Pallet Jack AGV

Single Load,Laser Guided Pallet Jack AGV

Pick and Go Concept
Another popular application is to use this truck in a picking operation. Empty pallets would be loaded onto the vehicle and the vehicle sent to a picking aisle. The picker would walk behind the vehicle a pick and place cases from storage onto the pallets. At that point the vehicle is directed to the next destination and the process repeated. On completion the operator would dispatch the vehicle to a destination and the AGV system controller would have sent a new vehicle with empty pallets to the operator. Keeping the operator engaged and in the picking aisle provides the most efficient operation while maximizing the utilization of both the machine and operator.

  • Walkie Stacker Fork
  • Single/Double Pallet Jack

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