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The new AIM iBOT Line (Intelligent Battery Operated Transporters) provides a flexible and cost effective platform to Tow, Carry or Convey your load. Our new "iBOT" line replaces conventional AGC's while delivering standard features with industry leading options.
  • Fastest AGC on the market with speeds to 200 fpm
  • Fast Automatic Battery Charging
  • #6,000 towing, #3,000 carrying capacity
iBot Unit Load AGVs
AIM Unit Load AGVs are designed to interface with a wide variety of loads. Light tote handling vehicles are capable of carrying up 700 pounds while pallet handling AGVs may carry up to 5,000 pounds.
  • Single or Dual Conveyor
  • Fast Automatic Battery Charging
  • #3,000 - #5,000 carrying capacity

The iBOT allows us to mix and match guidance, drive configurations capacities and load handling platforms so the vehicle is design for you. In addition to these standards individual customizations are readily available, such as load clamps, special load handling attachments and even adding a robotic arm are common requests to name a few.

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